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Prof. Dr. Vidyasagar, P.S.P.V. is a well known international scientist in the field of agriculture and plantation crops research especially in the management of pests of palms and contributed substantially to the understanding of Date Palm Red Palm Weevil pest. He has conducted and supervised research for more than two decades on plantation crops alone. He was instrumental in bringing a technical team to work on the Management of Red Palm Weevil in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for five years between 1993 and 1998. His innovative approach has allowed the unveiling of several new techniques and methods in the control of Red Palm Weevil. Dr. Vidyasagar is a fellow of Indian Society of Plantation Crops and member in several professional societies besides being a referee of scientific journals. He has to his credit more than 84 publications in regional and international journals. Apart from this he has many technical reports on aspects of governmental regulation of GM crops. For the benefit of farmers, researchers, academician and others, a blog called is run with regular updates.

His association with the Ministry of Agriculture of Saudi Arabia started in 1992 as a short term consultant has resulted in the deputation of an Indian Technical team between 1993 and 1998. He headed a team that achieved the objectives of reducing the Red Palm Weevil infestations substantially within the stipulated period. For conducting exclusive research on RPW a laboratory was established and several local people were also trained.

As Director of Technical services in a multinational Seed Company Dr. Vidyasagar has organized and supervised a series of trials testing the insect tolerance of GM cotton hybrids in the field. He has managed regulatory affairs of the company and contributed for the release of new Bt cotton hybrids.

Though his stint in arecanut, cashew and spices was very short, he made several noteworthy contributions.



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