International Agricultural Expert for Palm Trees, Coconut & Cotton



Achievements (Brief)

Plantation Crops: Evolved an effective IPM strategy against Red palm weevil, Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Oliv.(RPW) a serious pest in Middle East especially in Saudi Arabia and managed to bring down the percentage of damaged palms as well as the pest populations substantially over a period of five years. 

Mass pheromone trapping of RPW was developed as an important tool of IPM.  Due to its success in Saudi Arabia, the IPM on similar lines was subsequently duplicated in other Gulf countries. 

Conducted research on the biological and chemical control of economically important orange scale, Aonidiella orientalis Newstead and recommended management strategies.  Investigations on the bioecology of white grub pest of coconut and its management trials with botanical and chemical pesticides have resulted in recommendations for adaptation by farmers. 

Under High Density Multi Species Cropping system trials, evaluated the performance of 14 component crops including vegetables from plant protection perspective.

Studies conducted on the biology and bionomics of cashew pests have led to the identification of sex pheromones in tea mosquito bug, Helopeltis antonii (Meriidae:Heteroptera) a major pest of export crop cashew. 

Halyomorpha marmorea F. (Pentatomidae:Hemiptera) was discovered as the insect responsible for causing severe tender nut drop in Areca nut (Areca catechu) palm and recommendations emerged for extension workers/farmers for controlling this pest from the studies on bioecology and chemical control trials.  This resulted in saving of several millions of rupees every year to farmers.

Bt Cotton: In 2006 the GEAC has given permission for commercialization of Bt cotton hybrid VCH 111Bt in Central Zone.  In 2007 the GEAC has given permission for commercialization of Bt cotton hybrid VCH 111Bt in South Zone.  VCH 601BGII for North Zone, VCH 603 BGII for Central Zone and VCH 602 BGII & VCH 603 BGII are several ICAR trials during Kharif 2007.  All this through Vikki’s Agrotech Pvt Ltd.

Other Academic/Administrative activities

  • Chaired several technical sessions of national seminars/symposia/workshops.
  • Rapporteur of many technical sessions of national seminars/symposia/workshops.
  • Co-convener of organizing committee of National symposium.
  • Member, Secretary and Chairman of several research/administrative committees of the Institute.
  • Member of several important committees of national and international conferences organized by the Institute.
  • Referee for a few scientific journals.
  • Examiner (external), Ph.D., M.Phil, M.Sc., B.Sc. of a few universities.
  • Recognized guide of a few universities.

Foreign assignments

Agricultural Expert

  • Short term consultancy with the Ministry of Agriculture and Water, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 5th September to 12th October 1992.
  • Long term consultancy (deputation) with the Ministry of Agriculture and Water, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from October 1993 to September 1998. (Invitation by name and ICAR deputation was for the maximum possible period of five years).
  • Short term consultancy with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture, Doha, Qatar, January 2002.
  • Agricultural Expert, NGO, Koi Samui Island, Surathani Province, Thailand, April, 2005.


Fellow of Indian Society for Plantation Crops, India

Membership in scientific societies

  1. Life Member, Indian Society for Plantation Crops, Kasaragod, India.
  2. Life member, Association for Advancement of Entomology, Trivandrum, India
  3. Councilor/Member, Applied Zoologists Research Association, Cuttack, India
  4. Founder member of Indian Journal of Zoology, Bhopal, India

Editorial experience

  1. Associate Editor/Treasurer of Indian Journal of Zoology – 1972-1982
  2. Regional Editor of Journal of Applied Zoological Researches -1990-92


General Secretary, Retired ICAR Employees Association (RICAREA), Hyderabad, 2006-08. Member, Executive committee, 2003-2006 and 2008-09









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