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Following is s gist of Prof. Vidysagar’s biography depicting major incidents in his life.

He was born in the year 1949 in a sleepy, rural, traditional, small coastal town of Machilipatnam in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh state in India. As a school teacher’s son, he spent his childhood as a shy, introvert, but never able to rise to the expectations of parents. From primary to under-graduation, studied in the same institution, in the same town and it was uneventful except for interest in NCC, a compulsory training during 1965-68. This period saw a quantum change in the attitude of young Vidyasagar, who metamorphosed from a nonchalant, lazy, introvert into a more responsible, dedicated, disciplined, highly organized personality with leadership qualities.

As the admission to master’s degree eluded him in the first year, Vidyasagar spent time learning and practicing photography in a relative’s and friend’s studio for almost one year.

He secured a seat in Saifia Post Graduate College of Bhopal University in the year 1969. This step is the turning point in the life of Vidyasagar, as he came into contact with his mentor and guide Dr. M.A. Qayyum, Professor of Zoology Dept.

He spent his student days reading subject books, making notes and drawings. After passing out M.Sc. in 1971 in first class and securing over all 2nd rank of all specializations of Zoology discipline and standing first in Entomology specialization of the Bhopal University, he was offered a job and joined the same department as lecturer.

Since the college was working on a morning shift, Vidyasagar made use of the afternoons and evening for conducting research on the neuroendocrine system of four species each of dragonflies and cockroaches.

Sticking to the traditional values of the parents, Vidyasagar married Ms Parvathi in the year 1972. A beautiful lady with a kind heart hailing from a tiny town in Guntur district become the life partner and became the stabilizing factor. Both of them raised four children in spite of difficulties faced due to frequent change of location and region. The journey that started in Bhopal took them to Cuttack to Calicut to Vittal to Kasaragod and finally to Hyderabad where we are now settled and have roots. In between they made umpteen social and family visits to respective home towns to keep in touch with the family network and also retain the bonding. Living in different states with different cultures and languages, taught both of them how to appreciate the rich culture and heritage of the country, a true reflection of unity in diversity which is difficult to explain and can only be experienced.

Prof. Vidyasagar also maintained a balance of the professional activities and the family matters. Apart from research or teaching, he always participated in social activities and took the responsibility with a smile. He was an office bearer in several social forums during his long career. His enthusiasm to help others in need landed him trouble several times, but did not deter his spirit. He spends his leisure time in reading novels, painting, drawing, etc, Prof. Vidyasagar has earned a reputation as a smooth organizer of events or official functions of the institute/association.

About Prof. Vidyasagar’s family:

Married to Dakshayani in 1972, who has tolerated over a long period of time the late night arrivals from laboratory and absence on field trips, has been a true life partner and is instrumental in the professional success. The couple is blessed with a lovely daughter and three wonderful sons.



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